5G technology could add $1.2 trillion to GDP by 2035

The implementation of 5G internet could add around $1.2 trillion, or approximately R$ 6.5 trillion, to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2035, according to a study by Nokia. The technology brought by 5G, with its high-speed performance, the possibility of multiple connections, and low response time, has the potential to foster the development […]

Information technology market continues to grow in Brazil

The technology market has been growing steadily and rapidly in Brazil over the past two years. This data was released by a survey from the Applied Information Technology Center (FGVcia). The same survey indicates that the adoption of Digital Transformation processes and information technology in companies happened earlier than expected, meaning what was supposed to […]

Technology and innovation as imperatives for development

It is impossible to think of a prosperous nation without considering technology as one of its main engines of development. As we witness the advancement of new technologies, we need to be clear about the importance of putting investment in innovation on the agenda as one of the key pillars for promoting the economic and […]

Shutterstock will sell AI-generated images with the help of OpenAI

Shutterstock offers one of the largest image libraries on the market. Now, the company will begin selling AI-generated images on its platform, according to a press release revealed on Tuesday (25). This new development is the result of a partnership with OpenAI, the creator of Dall-E. The partnership will expand Shutterstock’s catalog. If you’re not […]

ChatGPT gains a rival created by Google, Bard

On Monday (6th), Google announced Bard, a conversational chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to compete with the popular ChatGPT from OpenAI. The new feature will be available for testing “in the coming weeks.” Like ChatGPT, Bard uses information from the internet to provide responses. Initially, users will be able to use the technology and share […]

The technology that ‘captures’ carbon from the atmosphere to produce diamonds

Carbon: a simple element that represents very deep problems for us. The excess of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere contributes to global warming, with the threat of irreversible climate collapse. However, carbon is also the essential building block of all life. It makes up the food that sustains us and provides the energy that […]

Macaé invests in technology to make traffic safer

A new traffic monitoring system is being installed in the city, which will ensure more safety for drivers and reduce the risk of accidents in high-traffic areas through cutting-edge technology. The system consists of equipment that monitors traffic, calculates speed, peak hours, and other information, which will help urban mobility in the city take future […]

New Technology Revolutionizes the Use of Propolis in the Industry

Propolis, a resinous substance produced by bees from plant resins, is emerging as a versatile ingredient in the industry for the manufacture of products for various uses. With its antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, propolis has become a key component in a variety of items, from cosmetics and personal care products to dietary supplements and […]

IFA 2023: World’s Largest Technology Fair Begins Today; Here’s What to Expect

The IFA, one of the largest technology fairs in the world, will open its doors to the public starting this Friday (1st). The event, which has been held traditionally since 1924 in Berlin, is seen by manufacturers as an opportunity to launch new products and make important announcements. Until September 5th, companies will reveal new […]