Outdoor Energy Rack

On the external line, we will have two versions to offer weather protection, ensuring internal climate control of equipment, restricted access, and security against vandalism. The cabinets can come with battery banks and integrated climate control, varying according to the needs of your project.


• External application, protected against water and dust IP65, heat, mechanical shocks.

• Single or double walls as needed.

• Made of steel sheet.

• Cooling and ventilation solutions (optional).

• Capacity for up to 02 (two) 105Ah battery banks each, space for 3 rectifier units, UDCA and UDCC.

• High epoxy powder electrostatic painting finish.

Outdoor Pole Rack

The OPEN RACK FIBER offers a fully flexible modular system in layout configuration, installer security, and ease of handling during installation. It has a fully bolted structure, allowing for ease in logistics, assembly, and disassembly in the field, minimizing operational problems. Available with a height of 44U and a depth of 500mm.

Physical Specifications

The Mini Outdoor Pole model will offer secure and flexible mounting of your equipment in the field. Developed for installation on poles, it provides protection against moisture and dirt through an internal system of fans and a dust filter. The cabinet offers IP54 protection.