/ Millivoltmeter for Geology

Electrical Resistance Meter With Millivoltmeter
CDC 12/1000 Vcc

Usually used in Geology to analyze the type of soil before creating structures and foundations on it. This equipment generates an output voltage of up to 1000 Vdc with an input powered by a 12 Vdc battery, allowing field work without the need for another power source.
It is composed of four modules connected in series that each produce 250 Vdc. Depending on the number of selected modules, the output will have a corresponding voltage (250, 500, 750, 1000), and it can also be adjusted to intermediate values using a Variac.



DC Input Voltage

12V External battery > 55Ah (not included)



DC Output Voltage

0 a 1000 V


0 to 0,5A

Output Power

Up to 10KW or Upon request

Ripple Output

1% of the Output Voltage

Line and Load Regulation

≤ 2%


• Measurement terminals
• Remote signaling of under and overvoltage DC and AC fault
• LED indicator of under-voltage DC or over-voltage DC
• Battery polarity reversal diode
• Overvoltage protection with shutdown