Inverter System
Commercial Modular

General Information

CTRLTECH has in its product range the Modular 48Vcc Inverter, with outputs of 127Vca or 220Vca in single-phase or three-phase configurations.

The modularity of the system ensures a range of equipment from 6kVA to 189kVA, using compact 3kVA modules with "hot swap" type connections.

For capacities from 6kVA to 18kVA, the system is configured in a 19" rack standard; for models from 18kVA to 189kVA, the system is self-sustaining in a cabinet of 600x600x2000 (the number of cabinets varies based on the power of the system and the use or non-use of transformers).

The transfer from the output to the alternating current network is made instantaneously by the static switch module.

The system's microcontrolled supervision module has a touchscreen graphic display that allows the user to easily make all adjustments, settings, and verifications without the need for an external computer.

The power modularity is done with inverter modules of 3kVA, with a power factor of 1 and an efficiency greater than 90%, which allows excellent efficiency for the project.